About Us

What The Center for Innovation can do for you….

The Center for Innovation is an Internal Service Organization led by Director, Nicholas J. Webb. The Center provides a wide range of resources to Faculty, Students, Alumni and Staff. Our mission is to drive the best innovations in Student Experience Design (SXD), Disruptive and Enterprise Innovation, while concurrently supporting all of our Innovators across the University. Through our partnerships across Industry, Education and Philanthropy our principal mission is to deliver exceptional value to all we serve. Services that we provide include the following:

Strategic Pillars

Enterprise Innovation

Shared Services and Internal Consulting resources to Drive Innovation culture and best practices. Build an international brand of Innovation Thought Leadership

Educational Innovation

Build and deploy on a best in class Student Experience Design SXD and SaaC Strategy. Create and support Educational Technology Innovations.

Healthcare and Clinical Innovations

Support Student, Faculty and Alumni Innovators in the Evaluation, Development and Commercialization of Healthcare Innovations and “Disruptive Innovations.”

Healthcare Entrepreneurship

Setup and manage a “Make-Space” and “Entrepreneur Startup Lab” on both campuses for Students, Faculty and Alumni. Provide consulting services and industry partnerships

Submit Your Idea

Submit your innovation in four simple steps and get your idea sponsored through
The Center for Innovation.

Get Started… with our StartUpLab

Want to turn your big idea into a startup company? Reach out to our start up lab for
tons of free resources.

Play the Game of Innovation

Participate in our Innovation Challenges to share your genius with our community
of the innovators.

Learn About Innovation

Leverage our Knowledge Center resources including Superstar Certified Training,
podcasts, lectures and more.


Participate in our ongoing Hackathons around Mobile Health, Clinical Models, Education
and Technology

Mobile Challenge

Improve patient care, educational practices, or patient experience by creating mobile apps.