"Inventing takes guts and brains. Brains alone won’t cut it."
Do you have an idea for a new Mobile Technology or Mobile App that can improve Patient Care, Quality or the Patient Experience? The Center for Innovation at WesternU is looking to develop the next “Killer App” in healthcare.  Simply submit your idea to the Center for review and approval. If your idea receives approval our developmental team will invest in the development and the commercialization of the technology. Inventors, will share in the revenues of the technology, see our Mobile Health Challenge page for terms and details.
The Future of Healthcare can best be described as disruptive. Four key trends will determine the success and failure of healthcare organizations. These new trends require that healthcare, as an industry will need to reinvent clinical models, delivery of care and the integration of emerging technologies. The Center for Innovation will host ongoing Virtual and On-campus Hackathons to drive new breakthrough innovations. For more information about our Hackathon schedules please visit our Hacking Healthcare page.