Center for Innovation FAQ’s

What is the Center for Innovation?
The Center for Innovation is an internal Shared Service Organization (SSO) and a Technology Transfer Office for WesternU. Additionally, the Center provides a wide range of Consulting and Training services for our innovation community. Also the Center hosts the annual Healthcare Disruptive Innovations Conference and other external healthcare challenges and activities.
How do I submit an innovation?
The Center for Innovation provides an easy way for you to submit your innovation to the Center for possible sponsorship and support. Our submission portal asks a few simple questions to determine if your innovation is ready for submission and/or suitable for sponsorship. Simply answer the questions and our interactive submission process will help you determine how to prepare your innovation for submission and sponsorship. Link to submission portal
What Ideas get selected?
Sponsored innovations must have one or more of the following characteristics:

  1. Significant clinical, surgical, patient, health or economic benefit when compared to competitive innovations.
  2. Must have proven and significant commercial value
  3. Must deliver economic value to the University or its Partners
  4. Enterprise innovations must have a proven model of enterprise benefits
  5. Clinical and patient research innovations must have a grant or sponsorship pathway
  6. Some exceptions may apply
What happens after I submit my idea?
The portal uses an interactive process to help you make sure that your innovation is ready to be reviewed by our Innovation Review Team. Often times innovators do not have the necessary information they need to complete their innovation submission. Therefore, if you don’t have the necessary information to submit your innovation we can help. We will direct you to get additional information to get you ready for your submission. If your innovation is complete and ready to be submitted, you will be notified that your submission was accepted and our team will give you a timeline for review. After we review your innovation we will reach back with our determination on the best way for the Innovation Center to help you succeed with your idea. If you just need help in designing or developing your idea, or if you just have general questions reach out to set up an appointment with one of our Innovation Gurus. (Hyper-link to start up lab page) at our StartUpLab
What if I just need help with my innovation and don’t want to submit it for sponsorship?
The Center for Innovation provides a wide range of services to our Platinum and Gold Members this includes access to our startup lab that includes access to industry partners, venture capital firms, community volunteers, Innovation Gurus and a wide range of educational resources through our Knowledge Center.  
Can I get help with the design and prototyping of a product or technology?
Our innovation lab is equipped with 3-D printers and other technologies that can assist our innovators in developing their technology. Complicated technologies may require sponsorship as significant costs can be incurred in the design and developmental process. Make sure and check out our submission requirements for sponsorship at our submission portal
I have an idea for a mobile app can I submit that to the Center?
Our Center hosts an ongoing Mobile App Challenge and you can participate by going to the challenge page. If you just want to develop your own technology and not submitted to the challenge you can contact our StartUpLab to gain access to resources.
How do I contact a person to talk to about my innovation or idea?
You can reach up by sending an email to You can also reach us by phone, the Center for Innovation’s phone number is 909-469-5480.
Do you have regular on-campus meetings?
The Center hosts virtual and on-site regularly scheduled innovation Hackathons and informational meetings. Check with our Hacking Healthcare schedule
What if I have a business startup idea?
Innovators can request full Sponsorship for business ideas. We partner with investors and corporate partners to develop a commercialization pathway. If you just want to go it alone, you can access our StartUpLab for free resources.
How do I make money with my idea?
Any innovation accepted for Sponsorship would be developed by the Center. The Center would then enter into a royalty or other appropriate legal instrument to ensure that innovators participate fairly in the innovation if commercialized.