You will get points based on activities on the website. Points will help you to go higher on the leaderboard and also get a higher ranking.  The points system explained below.

+ 300 

Submit an idea for specific challenge 


*Limit no more than 2 a week

+ 50

Innovation Sponsorship Submission 


*Limit once per month. Extra up to +1000 points can be given manually by Innovation Admin based on the idea

+ 20 

Asking question using the form “Contact Us” or giving digital suggestion through “Digital Suggestions Box”


*Limit only one time points could be received

+ 5

Watch a video


*Limit only one time per fully watched video

+ 4

Comment an idea 


*Limit no more than 4 per day and 10 per an idea 

+ 3 

Like an idea 


*Limit no more than 4 per day

+ 2 

Reading about an idea


*Limit twice per week

+ 1 

Viewing a page 


*Limit  once per week

+ 1 

Login to the website 


*Limit once per week

You will receive badges if you finish the required activities.


Idea Badge

Submit an request in “Innovation Sponsorship Submission Portal”

+10 points


Challenge Badge

Submit an idea in Innovation Challenge

+30 points


Digital Suggestion Badge

Submit a suggestion in the Digital Suggestion box

+3 points

Get Started

Login to the website

Check any two ideas in Challenge Portal:

Mobile Health Challenge Ideas


+7 points

New Member

0 Points


5000 Points


10000 Points


20000 Points