Submit Your Idea

Submitting an Idea or Innovation to the Center for Innovation

The Center for Innovation provides a wide range of opportunities for our University community, to participate in our innovation initiatives and to get support for their ideas. The term innovation has broad implications and can sometimes be a bit confusing. Therefore, we have categorized the types of innovations that we manage and support to make it easy for you to glean benefits from the Center. We have listed our Innovation Resources below to make navigating our center, fun and easy.

Innovation Sponsorship Submission Portal

  • The Center for Innovation assists our University community by evaluating technology innovations for possible Center Sponsorship. If your product or technology idea meets the criteria for sponsorship, we will assist you in the development and commercialization of your technology as part of our Technology Transfer activities.  We recommend that all innovators listen to our “Before You Submit audio program to help prepare your innovation prior to submitting it to the Center using our online Innovation Submission Portal.

StartUp Lab

Helping You Succeed
  • If you just need help in developing an Idea, creating a Business Plan, Pitch Deck, finding Strategic Partners, Identifying Potential Investors, then the Startup Lab is for you. Simply visit our Startup Lab page and set up a meeting with one of our Startup Experts and we will get you on the right path. Also don’t forget to attend our regular Skill Building Seminars, Hackathons and Pitch Deck Training.


Innovation Challenge

Challenge Yourself
  • The Center for Innovation hosts ongoing Innovation Challenges that leverage game mechanics and social engagement. This allows our community of innovators to participate in targeted innovation activities. The innovation challenges are typically Enterprise Innovations that help us deliver better Educational Experiences, and to improve Returns on University Strategy. Simply visit our Innovation Challenge resource on our website to participate.


The Digital Suggestion Box

Make a Difference
  • If you have any suggestions for the Center for Innovation or an idea that you’re not sure how to get support on, simply reach out to us by filling out the form found on our The Digital Suggestion Box page and one of our Center team members will assist you immediately.